Great Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mothers

After deducting child care, transportation costs, clothing and the double workload of being a homemaker and having a job, it may make sense to work from home. You determine the hours you work, both when and for how long. Your new job may entail being outside the home for brief periods or remaining at home for most of the time.

All sorts of individuals require research and may not have the time for it. Authors, for example, may want you to research a certain time period so their historical novel is factually correct. Businesses need research on their competition, market niche, or new products. Internet marketers require lists of forums, bulletin boards and discussion groups relative to their service. If you have a mind for detail and are well organized, providing research services is an ideal home-based business.

Affiliate Sales
Affiliate sales are commissions earned from products and services you’ve sold. In the case of online sales you are not responsible for carrying inventory, delivery or receiving money from customers. Physical products are sold as well as digital., Neverblue, Commission Junction and are four companies that offer affiliate programs for a wide variety of products. Affiliate sales don’t require you to spend much time outside the home. You can work whenever you like and much as you like. A computer and Internet connection is required.

Commission Sales
Offline commission sales, such as jewelry, cosmetics, lingerie or kitchen ware parties may or may not require you to carry your own supply of inventory, deliver the product and get the payment. Party plans do require more time to be spent outside the home, recruiting hostesses and coordinating the party. Parties take place during evening hours as well as during the day. Outgoing personalities with a wide range of friends are successful at commission sales.

Pet and Child Care
If you have small children, providing child care for others lets you earn money while you stay home and take care of your own children. Before and after school care is another option, if you can take the children to school and pick them up afterwards. Check to see what if any licensing you need. For example, in the state of Texas, you must go through a pre-application course before you receive your certificate. In home pet care brings friendly dogs to your home while their owners are on business trips or vacation. Doggie daycare is an option if you have a backyard and an inside play area that has hard flooring for cleanup and disinfecting.

Don’t pay money to find out about work-at-home businesses either online or offline. Declare all your earned income on your income taxes both for the IRS and the state government. Check to see whether you need any licenses. For example, you might have to have a daycare license if you take care of more than three or four children. Review your home owner’s association covenants and rules to see if a business in the home is prohibited.