Development of Ideas Ideas and Business Opportunity Taking

In developing a small business into our big business as an entrepreneur must have integrity and commitment, this is what we will the language in my article when in ibeberapa things that must be owned by an entrepreneur in running his business.

A. The purpose of developing business ideas and opportunities
In carrying out its job duties as an entrepreneur to expand the marketing of its products and expand its business an entrepreneur can take several ways, which is important can be attributed to the ability owned by an entrepreneur himself in dealing with a business risk.
The various ways that can be taken in developing ideas, ideas and business opportunities to minimize the risks that threaten the business in the Development of Ideas Ideas and Business Opportunities, various ways that can be taken include:
• Designing products or services that people can accept.
• Creating products or services that consumers are interested in.
• Production and utilization of production resources.
• Create and develop products or services that can win market competition.
• Prevent consumers from getting bored in using our products.
• Create products with designs, models, hues, and color combinations of products favored by consumers.
• Make a product or service in accordance with the current trend.

Taking ideas and business opportunities.
Development of business ideas and opportunities

B. Do the steps that must be taken in developing business ideas and opportunities
To reduce the risk in running the business, especially during the process of developing ideas and business ideas there are various options to overcome them by doing the following:
- Describe ideas and business ideas to all employees.
- Express ideas and business ideas to employees in a gradual way to employees.
- Choosing the right place, time and atmosphere to convey ideas or business ideas to employees.

After doing the steps to reduce business risk then the next thing in the development of ideas and ideas and business opportunities that is doing the core step is to develop ideas and business opportunities itself in the following ways:
1. Establish clearly the idea of ​​business development to be undertaken.
2. Determine the specific purpose of the business development operation.
3. Encourage each employee to understand the business development.
4. Make a list of what will be done by using the recording of business development achievement.
5. Implement a system that has been specified in detail.
6. Give awards to employees who excel.
7. Striving for gratitude every employee understands her role and provides an opportunity to develop her performance in performing her duties.

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